Jquery CSS Generator

This is a JQuery CSS generator project example. With the font tab selected (upper right buttons), you can change the color of the font by hovering over the color picker to the left. When you click on a color and mouse out of the colorpicker, the input in the form to the right will change to that color. Notice, also, that the code in the lower left displays the color. This is the CSS code that will create the style for the text Creative Clerk. You can also change the font size and the font family in the form.

Text-shadows are difficult to create because there are so many different parameters. This generator allows you to create text-shadows by using form inputs. Simply click the text shadow button and the colorpicker colors become applicable to the text-shadows. However, you cannot see the text shadows until you give them some other properties such as horizontal, vertical and spread. Watch this short video to see what I am talking about.